A Few Clients Across Platform Nine

It’s been a good few months for Platform Nine.

We’ve recently taken on a few non-profits websites that have just launched. Green Collar CS on the recruitment front, and Melbourne University Rugby on the sports front. Both are being hosted on Platform Nine’s Free NFP/NGO Web Hosting Service.

W Consulting Services have had a great time working with Cronulla Yoga Studio, Cronulla Surfing Academy, St George and Sutherland Community College, White Horse Coffee and Two Sisters Chai Tea.

Website proposals were reviewed and recommended for St George and Sutherland Community College. A fun 300 pages of reading and making recommendations based on usability, web standards compliance, open source initiatives, cost, and social elements.

Cronulla Surfing Academy and Two Sisters were presented and started on social media strategies. Both websites were updated with SEO techniques, as well as ‘liberating’ content.

W also ran 3 networking and security roles. This entailed 2 Multi-state VPN Builds, 2 network design and migrationed with knowledge transfers and inhouse one on one training. 1 Linux and Windows Administration role, where I deployed wikis, blogs, and open source tools. With server locked down and enhanced functionality on existing network hardware as value added services.

Two Sisters and White Horse Coffee are now Blogging.

Cronulla Yoga and Two Sisters are now both on Twitter, with Cronulla Yoga regularly tweeting.

Running the company out of two office, with the head office now in San Francisco has been an exciting challenge. I’m encouraging those who are working with P9 to continue discussions over skype, phone, e-mail, and even Twitter.